Our process

Stage 1

Meet with you to understand your situation

Our process begins with an initial one to one consultation where we take the time to understand your current position, your future goals and aspirations and of course the time-scales within which you want to achieve your goals. In order to do this we will conduct a full financial review, where we will sit down with you to ensure that we can develop an effective plan.

We will introduce you to your personal client website, and help you understand how to use the features available.

Stage 2

Analyse your needs, research & design your plan

It is important to get the right strategy and now that we understand what you want to achieve, we will look at a number of ways to meet your goals.

We will take time to research, analyse and design your plan, using our experience and expertise.  We will ensure that you are provided with a cost effective, tax efficient route to satisfying your financial objectives.

Our recommendations will be provided to you so that you can read and prepare for our next meeting.

Stage 3

Present our research and recommendations

It is time to meet again and look at the plan.  This gives you the opportunity to ask questions, discuss the strategy, and fully understand our recommendations.

We can now agree any amendments that may be required, finalise the way forward and explain how your plan will be implemented.

It will be our responsibility to deal directly with providers, handle all fund and policy administration on your behalf and keep you informed of progress.

Stage 4

Reviewing your needs & changing circumstances

Now that your plan is in place, it is important that this is reviewed in a timely manner.  By doing this we can take into account changes to your personal circumstances and make the most of any opportunities that arise from changes to financial legislation and taxation.

As part of this review process, we will revisit your goals and objectives and if any changes are required, further recommendations will be provided.